[Qgis-us-user] Newbie question about importing shapefiles and layers from Arcmaps

Judith Kerman jbkerman at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 21:00:38 PST 2022

I use Arcmaps as part of my volunteer work as a member of my local planning
board. I’ve learned to make good use of fairly low-level skills. I’m now
exploring QGIS as an alternative, especially so I train some other
volunteers in my town without a budget.

I find some things puzzling, and don’t know anyone expert I can ask
questions. For instance, right now, I’m trying to understand what
information is lost when I import an ArcGIS shapefile. QGIS won’t import
the .prj files, but the resulting QGIS vector still seems to have the
correct coordinates. Similar issues with raster files, and with the NY
State Orthographic files - I can only bring in a TIFF or a jp2, but the map
seems OK.

Where can I get tips at my admittedly low level of background. I doubt I
need high level analytical techniques, python, etc., to do useful work. But
I’d like to avoid dumb mistakes.

Suggestions welcome.

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