[Qgis-us-user] Newbie question about importing shapefiles and layers from Arcmaps

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Tue Mar 1 21:29:37 PST 2022

Hi Judith,

I am a long time GIS user and have taught QGIS classes over the last 8 years
a many differnt audiences in different countries. I surely don't know
everything but you can ask me any question you like re to QGIS and I will do
my best to answer.

 >>>  I find some things puzzling, and don't know anyone expert I can ask

>>> For instance, right now, I'm trying to understand what information is
lost when I import an ArcGIS shapefile. 
When importing an ESRI shape file into QGIS no information whatsorever is
lost at all !

>>> QGIS won't import the .prj files, 
That is not correct , QGIS read the prj files when available . If a prj file
is not available QGIS will prompt you in which projection you data is in
order to project it correctly

>>> but the resulting QGIS vector still seems to have the correct
Yes and because of that all should be in good working order

>>> Similar issues with raster files, and with the NY State Orthographic
files - I can only bring in a TIFF or a jp2, but the map seems OK. 
QGIS is a true master in importing raster files and has much faster
performance for those than ArcGIS in comparison. What raster fileformat did
you try to import that did not work 
Aka in otehr words I don't understand what issues you are talking about ?
QGIS can import most  raster file formats (most that the underlying library
GDAL supports) - here is an extract what is supported
an extremely long list ;)

Let me know any questions


Karsten Vennemann

2119 Boyer Ave E 
Seattle, WA  98112
 <http://www.terragis.net/> www.terragis.net

Phone ++1 206 905 1711

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