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karsten karsten at terragis.net
Mon Mar 14 19:47:52 PDT 2022

Hi Mike,
 >>>  Question:   I recently installed QGIS in the hopes it can help me
create satellite image files from a shape file consisting of points.  I want
to automatically define an area (for instance 1 square mile) around each
point and save the Google satellite image of each of the 1-square mile
areas.  Is this possible in QGIS? 
It sounds that you have loaded Google Arial "satellite' Imagery (a RGB image
likely as a background layer) and would want to create a a clipped version
of that image and save locally . Does that sound correct ?

Overall the answer is yes - QGIS can be used to do this.
The usual way QGIS works is with local files. So ion case you have a local
raster (imagery aka a raster file as *.tif e.g. you can use that to clip it
using the QGIS tool.
In your case you might have an online resource and one way to get that
clipped is to first save a local copy and then clip the local raster. You
can use the Processing tool box for this
In the Processing Toolbox search box type in 

1.) Convert Map to Raster. 
save the background image a geotif ( see see more info here
r-computer-using-qgis/ )
2.) use a buffer tool to create a shape for the clip feature .e.g.
use "Rectangles, ovals, diamonds"
3.) use the "clip" tool to clip the raster with the cerate in step 2
Such processes can be automated, if interested to hear about that just ask
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