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Hi Randal - thanks very much for this high level overview, it's incredibly helpful for a beginner like me!

I took some excellent earlier direction from Karsten who pointed me towards a solution using the graphical modeler - it seemed perfect until I ran it and encountered some inexplicable error with the Google satellite raster - that is until I read your reply, and now it makes sense!  What a bummer about the licensing  -- as you said the imagery is the kicker!

Are my following imagery options correct?

  1.  Purchase a license from Google
  2.  Use landstat for free


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Hey Mike - Welcome to the list.

So the short answer is yes and the longer answer is Yes it's a little complicated but doable.

For the explanation I''m going to completely ignore projections - that's a whole other discussion.

If you had a point (like a tower) you could run the buffer tool and buffer it one mile. From there I think you would "clip by mask layer" and extract the image. You could save that as a geotiff or whatever you needed. Life would be good. (I say all that like you know where the tools are - look for processing at the top of QGIS - that gives you processing tools).

The bigger problem is the imagery - you can't clip Google Satellite imagery and use that per the license from Google. So you would need another image source be it landsat or something local (maybe the county you're working in has imagery they would share). Imagery is a pain.

Really - that's the kicker - the imagery. Get that and then there's the whole discussion on "get it in a local projection" and you're done - it's about three steps in QGIS to get what you want.

It's completely doable! I dunno how much this has helped but you're on the right track.




Yell if you need anything!


On Monday, March 14, 2022 7:10:56 PM EDT Mike Seskin wrote:

> Preamble:



>   1.  I've been unsuccessfully searching for answers online for several days

>   2.  I am new to spatial analysis and GIS, and therefore trying to figure out what it can and

> cannot do


> Question:


> I recently installed QGIS in the hopes it can help me create satellite image files from a shape

> file consisting of points.  I want to automatically define an area (for instance 1 square mile)

> around each point and save the Google satellite image of each of the 1-square mile areas.  Is

> this possible in QGIS?


> Thanks


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