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Randal Hale rjhale at northrivergeographic.com
Tue Mar 15 08:09:30 PDT 2022

That's awesome. 

Google imagery (assuming you're using QuickMapServices) is pushed through a service 
and I think those services are usually pretty locked down with licensing plus it's a service 
so it's just harder to deal with. 

So I **think** you can purchase Google imagery - not sure of the cost. 
Depending on where you are and what you're doing here's what I would do: 

1. Check with the local City/County and see if they have imagery. It will be probably 6 inch 
to 1 foot in resolution. There may be a charge or it may be free. Example:  Hamilton 
County TN has an image service that QGIS can use and they sell imagery. 

2. Check with the state you are in and see what they have. I would search for "State of 
Mike GIS Data" (with Mike being the state you're in) and see what pops up. Example: The 
state has an imagery service and they sell imagery to the general public and to counties. 
Go back to 1 and they (county) may give you what they purchased. Tn has free LIDAR data 
for download also. 

3. Federal is the next step - NAIP (1 meter). That's free and may be awesome for what you 
want or may not be. https://www.fsa.usda.gov/programs-and-services/aerial-photography/imagery-programs/naip-imagery/[1] 

4. Weird use cases that may have imagery in the area - like some utilities will fly their own 
imagery and have that available if you ask nice (I was a former Federal Utility Employee in 
Tennessee which had some gas turbines).

5. Landsat will completely work but I think that may still be 30 meter pixel size - but it's 
free. There are some other satellite imagery that is free also - you're just trading resolution 
for cost. 

6. Planet labs sells imagery - but not sure of the cost on that on either. 

Yeah - that's the hard part -  imagery. Software is easy - imagery makes my head hurt. 


On Tuesday, March 15, 2022 10:10:35 AM EDT Mike Seskin wrote:

> Hi Randal - thanks very much for this high level overview, it's incredibly helpful for a 
> like me!
> I took some excellent earlier direction from Karsten who pointed me towards a solution 
using the
> graphical modeler - it seemed perfect until I ran it and encountered some inexplicable 
error with
> the Google satellite raster - that is until I read your reply, and now it makes sense!  What 
> bummer about the licensing  -- as you said the imagery is the kicker!
> Are my following imagery options correct?
>   1.  Purchase a license from Google
>   2.  Use landstat for free
> Thanks
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> Hey Mike - Welcome to the list.
> So the short answer is yes and the longer answer is Yes it's a little complicated but 
> For the explanation I''m going to completely ignore projections - that's a whole other 
> If you had a point (like a tower) you could run the buffer tool and buffer it one mile. 
>From there
> I think you would "clip by mask layer" and extract the image. You could save that as a 
geotiff or
> whatever you needed. Life would be good. (I say all that like you know where the tools 
are - look
> for processing at the top of QGIS - that gives you processing tools).
> The bigger problem is the imagery - you can't clip Google Satellite imagery and use that 
per the
> license from Google. So you would need another image source be it landsat or 
something local
> (maybe the county you're working in has imagery they would share). Imagery is a pain.
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