[Qgis-user] Importing raster images into Postgis and PostgreSQL versions

Jorge Gustavo Rocha jgr at geomaster.pt
Sat Jan 9 02:20:22 PST 2021

Hi Grant, (now with the missing links)

QGIS is able to read rasters for any available version of Postgis, as
far as I know. Make sure you have postgis_raster extension installed.

You can upload and use Postgis rasters easily with a plugin called
Raster2postgis [1]. It is experimental, so you have to enable
experimental plugins in the plugin manager to install it. It also
depends on a Python module unidecode that you have to add to your QGIS.
The installation is documented at [2].

Feel free to ask questions about the plugin and about Postgis raster
support in QGIS.


Jorge Gustavo

[1] https://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/raster2postgis/

[2] https://gitlab.com/geomaster/raster2postgis

Às 08:12 de 09/01/21, Grant Boxer escreveu:
> Is it possible to import raster layers into a postgis database
> (easily) and what version of PostgreSQL can the latest release and
> development versions of QGIS read?
> Cheers Grant Boxer
> Perth Western Australia
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