[Qgis-user] Two versions seem to be installed. I only want 3.10.13

James H. Romer jhromer at myfairpoint.net
Sun Jan 10 04:29:05 PST 2021

I am very new to QGIS (and also new to GIS). I only want the LTR version 
(and not the developer version) of QGIS.

My operating system  is Windows 10. Before I started, I uninstalled all 
QGIS that was on my computer. I then downloaded the 64 bit OSGeo4W 
Network Installer and ran it, choosing Advanced Install and typing 
"qgis-ltr-full" into the box. But I ended up with QGIS 
installed and I could not figure out how to uninstall it. I then tried 
again and this time I appear to have been successful in downloading and 
installing QGIS 3.10.13, but I cannot figure out how to open it. Here is 
the present situation: 3.10.13 is in "Programs and Features" in the 
Control Panel but is not there. In the Start menu QGIS and QGIS 3 appear. When I click on QGIS 3, QGIS opens.

Please help. Jim Romer

Jim Romer
177 Quaker City Road
Unity, New Hampshire

(603) 542-6124

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