[Qgis-user] Two versions seem to be installed. I only want 3.10.13

James H. Romer jhromer at myfairpoint.net
Sun Jan 10 14:56:52 PST 2021

Hello Charles Dixon-Paver,
     Thank you very much for your very thoughtful and clear response to 
my query. I hadn't even realized that OSGeo4W64 was more than just a 
tool for downloading a version of QGIS and that it is now sitting in my 
computer for me to use. I haven't fully digested all of your suggestions 
and I'm sure I will have more questions when I have done so. But for now 
could you please explain what "starting the program with the relative 
batch file. e.g. qgis-ltr-bat" means and why you recommend it? Why 
"batch"? By now you may be starting to realize that in addition to being 
new to GIS and new to qgis, I'm not very computer-literate (whatever 
that means). Best, Jim Romer

On 2021-01-10 8:24 AM, Charles Dixon-Paver wrote:
> Hi there,
> The OSGeo4w installer provides a number of options for adding AND 
> removing the installations from the advanced installation interface[1].
> You can review all the installed options and remove/ add multiple 
> versions which can exist alongside each other, usually pretty happily. 
> The installers will all be available from the "C:\OSGeo4W64\bin" 
> folder. I recommend starting the program with the relative batch file. 
> e.g. qgis-ltr.bat
> You shouldn't actually need to remove a particular version. There may 
> be many other options available depending on what's 
> installed, including, for example, qgis.bat, qgis-dev.bat, 
> qgis-dev-g7.bat. Launching from the bat files will help ensure that 
> your path and environment variables are set correctly.
> In terms of what's available from the Start/ Programs menu, as far as 
> I know the available/ default shortcut will be placed in your 
> "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" directory. I'm not 
> entirely sure what gets added to the registry (if anything), but you 
> can always create your own shortcut and add it there to access it from 
> the start menu.
> Note I'm assuming you have admin privileges on your machine. I hope 
> that helps.
> [1] - https://imgur.com/a/gyGsMk6 <https://imgur.com/a/gyGsMk6>
> On Sun, 10 Jan 2021 at 15:01, James H. Romer <jhromer at myfairpoint.net 
> <mailto:jhromer at myfairpoint.net>> wrote:
>     I am very new to QGIS (and also new to GIS). I only want the LTR
>     version (and not the developer version) of QGIS.
>     My operating system  is Windows 10. Before I started, I
>     uninstalled all QGIS that was on my computer. I then downloaded
>     the 64 bit OSGeo4W Network Installer and ran it, choosing Advanced
>     Install and typing "qgis-ltr-full" into the box. But I ended up
>     with QGIS installed and I could not figure out how to
>     uninstall it. I then tried again and this time I appear to have
>     been successful in downloading and installing QGIS 3.10.13, but I
>     cannot figure out how to open it. Here is the present situation:
>     3.10.13 is in "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel but
> is not there. In the Start menu QGIS and QGIS
>     3 appear. When I click on QGIS 3, QGIS opens.
>     Please help. Jim Romer
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*Let's remove the rich from power and have real (not fake) democracy. No 
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