[Qgis-user] Training manual - 9.1.3. Configuring Additional Plugin Repositories

Inna Nogeste nogeste at outlook.com
Mon Jan 11 09:48:12 PST 2021

QGIS 3.16 – Faunalia plugins

This step teaches how to configure a plugin respository from Faunalia
however I’m getting the following error message:
“Error reading repository:Fanualia
Server response is 200 OK, but doesn’t contain plugin metadata. This is most likely caused by a proxy or wrong repository URL. You can configure proxy settings in QGIS Options.”

The URL in the training manual no longer exists and the plugins are located here instead:

Does anyone (from Faunalia?) know what the URL should be or what needs to be edited in the Proxy settings for this to work? I’ll then be able to edit this step in the doucmentation GitHub with the correct info.

Inna Nogeste

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