[Qgis-user] Visualizing multi-page GeoTIFF in QGIS

Eric Younkin - NOAA Federal eric.g.younkin at noaa.gov
Mon Jan 11 10:24:18 PST 2021


I have a GeoTIFF that I have created in the following manner:

gdal_translate first_grid supergrid.tif

gdal_translate second_grid supergrid.tif -co APPEND_SUBDATASET=YES

Dragging this into QGIS appears to only allow me to visualize the first
dataset used. Is there some option to allow me to view all added pages?
This does seem to work if I use a GeoPackage instead of a GeoTIFF.  I can
also pull in a VRT for these TIFFs and that works.  I'm going the
APPEND_SUBDATASET route to construct one TIFF file that will work with PROJ
vgridshift, which appears to support multipage TIFFs.


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