[Qgis-user] Using color_rgba for symbols from field-value

Richard McDonnell richard.mcdonnell at opw.ie
Wed Jan 20 09:53:36 PST 2021

Hi Bernd,

I have tested a little polygon dataset, adding a rgba field (as a text string) and found that QGIS will actually use the Field type: string option to apply the colour. Just select your rgba attribute and it works fine.

hope that helps.



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I would like to hard-wire the colours for categories with their rgba-values in a field.

I have a text field named "rgba" and am searching for a way to make this color_rgba-function working.

e.g '146,208,80,255'

It's obvious that my colour-values are an array of strings, which need to be somehow converted to integers to be eaten by the color_rgba.

So in theory, the string '146,208,80,255' has to become an array, probably by array("rgba"). But this array is an array of strings and not of integers.

Does anyone know how to achive this array of integers, so the

color_rgba(somemagic("rgba") returns my colour?




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