[Qgis-user] Geometries of labels - automatic positioning (no covering)

Régis Haubourg regis.haubourg at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 09:20:14 PST 2021

Hi Matej,

There is no geometry stored for labels, it is all up to the collision
engine to compute on the fly for each context where to draw labels.

You can "pin" labels, and a XY location is stored then, either in the
dataset if you set dedicated fields in the advanced labeling options,
and your layer is editable, Or in the auxiliary database (a sqlite .qgd
side car file) linked to your layer.

You can access the auxiliary data in the layer properties.

Last option I know of, you can use geometry generators to provide
"paths" for labels. Ex: smoothen a sharp line with some smooth /
generalize expressions so that the curved labels are better looking. 

Best regards


On 19/01/2021 15:41, Matej Mailing wrote:
> Hello,
> where are the geometries of the labels stored in the 3.16.x branch?
> We would like to get them to PostGIS to autmatically manipulate the
> positions in a way that the labels do not cover each other in a
> smaller scale, i.e. 1:1000. Or is there any plugin that would do this?
> Thanks,
> Matej
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