[Qgis-user] Editing attributes in embedded forms

Pekka Sarkola pekka at gispo.fi
Tue Jun 1 00:55:51 PDT 2021

Hi folks!

I have a problem editing feature attributes in embedded forms. Data is
stored in PostGIS and I have a simple 1:1 relationship with the geometry
table and an additional attribute table. QGIS version is 3.18.3 on Ubuntu.

I have created a custom form with a drag-and-drop designer. I can edit
additional attribute table attributes in embedded form, but those edits are
not stored anywhere. I have to open a separate form and then edit attribute
values of the related attribute table. This is quite annoying for the end

Any suggestions? Or should I write a better description to the Github?



Pekka Sarkola
Gispo Oy
pekka.sarkola at gispo.fi   - GSM +358 40 725 2042
www.gispo.fi – www.paikkatieto.com
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