[Qgis-user] No transform available between XXX and EPSG:4326 when using non-Earth projections

Sebastian Walter sebastian.walter at fu-berlin.de
Thu Mar 18 13:07:55 PDT 2021


Since Version 3.X I'm not able to perform transformations on planetary 
(non-Earth) data (from e.g. Mars or Mercury, example dataset: 
https://maps.planet.fu-berlin.de/mex4/h1104_0000.ihs.53.tif). The error 
message is:

No transform is available between SINUSOIDAL MARS and Custom CRS: 
GEOGCRS["unknown",DATUM["unknown",ELLIPSOID["WGS 8….
proj_create_operations: Source and target ellipsoid do not belong to the 
same celestial body
No transform available between SINUSOIDAL MARS and EPSG:4326

The consequence is that transformations to lat/lon are not possible any 
more. With the older QGis there was no problem like this. My suspect is 
the "new" Proj6 database layout, but the above error messages also point 
to the fact there there is some EPSG:4326 projection hard-coded into Qgis.

Is anybody successfully using Qgis with non-Earth data and proper 

Thanks for any advise...


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