[Ráfaga]Nº1089: 3d, bridges, vector tiles, offline, driving, migrations

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Wed May 8 00:40:25 PDT 2019

N°1089: 3d, bridges, vector tiles, offline, driving, migrations

by Raf

3D maps with centimeter precision to make GPS obsolete via real objects recognition 

Adding shadows to bridges and intersections on vector tiles cartography to improve their readability 

Vector tiles, data models, basemaps, SQL queries, and everything behind Geofable, a website to create maps and tell stories 

A simple recipe  to create and serve offline custom style maps with Open Source tileserver-gl 

Human Driving Association is fighting for the right to drive cars without any automation or helpers that could be applied to other fields 

A powerful scrollymap to explain the German demographic crisis generated by the East-West migration of millions of people 

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