[Ráfaga]Nº1159: geopdf, loneliness, carless, analysis, natural risks

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Thu Sep 5 23:12:15 PDT 2019

Nº1159: geopdf, loneliness, carless, analysis, natural risks

Thu, 05 Sep 2019 by Raf

* A new feature, thanks to the financial support of a group of
backers: QGIS 3.10 exports maps in GeoPDF format


* Loneliness at cities is coming mostly from their high rise
buildings, a worsening problem in Kiev


* Normandy tourism office is publishing guides to visit the region
carless by bus, train, or cycling


* A blog post explaining with code, charts, and maps on how to analyze
2017 Barcelona car accidents open data using Pandas, Matplotlib, and


* Dashboard for monitoring of natural risks in real-time at Central
America, including forest fires, quakes, weather, and volcanos



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