[Ráfaga] #1820: languages, coordinates, curiosities

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Tue May 10 05:02:44 PDT 2022

#1820: languages, coordinates, curiosities

Tue, 10 May 2022 by Raf

* Daniel Laspeñas García's thesis "Lexical correspondences between
Aragonian, Catalonian, and Occitan. Some relationships in the vegetal
world according to bibliographic sources" is full of language maps


* A simple interactive web viewer helps to understand the world
population by longitude and latitude, also showing the location of the
maximum values


* "Curiosités Cartographiques" by Jean Leveugle and published by
Éditions Autremen will be available on May 11th, with more than 100
bizarre and fun maps, sometimes absurd, almost always profound, and
answering questions about cartography [FR]



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