[SAC] SAC Status

John Graham johng at telascience.org
Thu Jun 22 17:24:13 EDT 2006


I am moving things slowly along... I could use some help on confirming 
the LDAP is working from plone... but i think it good everywhere else.
I am also trying to build another blade out with FC4 but my kickstart 
server is not leasing a DHCP address to the blade yet... Anyone that has
knowledge in this area will be welcome to hop in and help. This blade 
will be for the buildbot :)


Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Norman,
> Have you had a chance to chat with John and Howard on the current status
> of the telascience systems?  There is a board meeting tomorrow, and one
> of the issues will undoubtedly be whether SAC is functioning effectively
> and what can be done to support SAC.
> Things I would really like to see us move ahead with include:
>  o Developing some sort of policy about who we give administrative
>    access to, which machines need to be "very secure" (ie. LDAP master)
>    vs. "less secure" (ie. build tests accessable to some project
>    developers).
>  o Working out how we back things up.
>  o Working out a rough priority list for services to roll out.
>  o Putting out a call for volunteers for SAC, which implies having
>    a sense of what skills we need, and how we would manage a influx
>    of several volunteers.
>  o Setting up wiki pages explaining how the SAC administered systems
>    are setup and a roadmap for what services go on what systems.
> I believe both Arnulf and I are keen to assist on technical and
> adminstrative issues.  We have also had offers of technical help from
> others such as Josh Livni, and Daniel Morissette.
> Best regards,

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