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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at
Fri Jun 23 00:35:26 EDT 2006

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Norman,
> Have you had a chance to chat with John and Howard on the current status
> of the telascience systems?  There is a board meeting tomorrow, and one
> of the issues will undoubtedly be whether SAC is functioning effectively
> and what can be done to support SAC.


OK, being the impatient person I am, I have lumbered ahead with a few
things I think need to be done.

I have added the following new documents off the SAC page:

  o TODO List: with a few things I think need to be done (and hobu's items).

  o Service Status: An attempt to list machines, and services that are setup
    currently, including IP #'s.  Also some "outstanding issues".   I would
    appreciate folks updating this as they build stuff out.  I am a bit
    concerned about making this information publically visible, but the
    alternative so far has been a lack of clarity on status within the group
    and outwards to legitimately interested parties.  Perhaps we ought to setup
    a more secure way of handling status information that might mildly
    compromise security (at least the obscure kind).

  o Security Groups Policy: This is my first draft of what I think we might
    need for user groups in LDAP for various user roles.  I have tried to
    keep it simple, rather than provide for very fine grained items.  I'm
    assuming we can add complexity later.  Input appreciated.  I think we
    need to get some sort of groups policy in place fairly quickly.  If I
    don't get feedback in a few days, I'll propose a motion to adopt this
    document to the SAC list.

  o LDAP related procedures: I think we need to capture some of the
    magic knowledge about how to do stuff like add new users to LDAP
    or how to configure a system or service to use LDAP for authentication.
    I think it would mostly be Howard that needs to flesh some of this in
    so he doesn't get stuck having to do everything related to LDAP
    forever.  I hope over time we will accumulate 'how to' procedural
    information for a variety of common system administration tasks.

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