Motion: Add Daniel Morissette and Arnulf Christl as SAC members

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at
Fri Jun 23 00:42:17 EDT 2006


(yes, I know, quite a fully of email.  I'm feeling the pressure of an
upcoming board meeting!)

In the absence of SAC meetings via IRC, I would like to propose a motion
to add Daniel Morissette and Arnulf Christl as members of SAC, if they are

I'm not so sure of Arnulf's background in system administration, but I
know that Daniel has over a decade of experience administering unix systems
and bring invaluable experience from his work on

I'll start with a +1 in support of the motion.

I would note, having some one on SAC does not automatically mean they would
be provided with system administrative access.  They might function on
the committee primarily in an advisory role.

PS. I might have also proposed Josh Livni for membership, as he has
substantial Plone experience, and has expressed an interest.  But I
see he is not on the mailing list yet, and I'm not really sure how
fixed we are on rolling out a plone instance.

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