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Fri Oct 27 10:09:08 EDT 2006

Hello all,
  I am Swapnil Hajare  from Indictrans ( I, along with 2
more fellows from Indictrans (Kanhaiya and Gupteshwar), will be working on
various activities of OSGeo with help of you all. This will include website
development, maintenance, helping sysadmins as well as some other general
Opensource GIS tasks such as maintenance of GDAL/OGR and similar tools.
Frank Warmerdam had written a mail to the list about this few days ago. We
could not start working immedietly because of long Diwali vacation here. Now
we are back and ready to work.
  As a satrting point, me and others have subscribed to community portal of
OSeo and sac, webcommitee MLs. Our skillset include php, drupal, use of
free/opensource   tools such as UMN mapserver, postgis, GRASS, chameleon,
kamap etc.
  We hope to contribute well and in the process also learn lot of new things
from you all in future.

thanks and regards,
Swapnil Hajare
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