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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
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I'm going to drop iWeb, and add Easy Street (they did have a good
recommendation from Corey and offer managed hardware).  Frank, if you
feel strongly about Rack Space I can get a quote from them, as their
managed OS allows full root access, but I don't know if we need the
overhead (and downtime out of our control) of managed OS.

So that makes three-four quotes.  I'll gather the results and post them
along with my recommendation for review.


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Jason Birch wrote:
> Hi all,
> The research matrix is now up with all results.
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Infrastructure_Transition_Plan#Provide
> r_
> Matrix
> Our initial recommendation is to get quotes from these three:
> - Hurricaine
> - PEER1
> - iWeb (?)
> Does anyone have objections to any of these three?  We need to be able

> to accept the lowest quote from the three unless there is a strong 
> reason not to.  Do we just want to get q quote from HE and see if it's

> reasonable?
> I'm gone for the day, but I'd like to wrap this up tomorrow.


As much as I think the service level agreements are mostly a joke, it
seems we abandoned OSU OSL because it did not have one.  To the best of
my knowledge iweb also does not offer service level agreements, so I
think we should leave it out.  I would suggest adding in rack space
instead since they are highly regarded albeit with the understanding
they are unlikely to be very cost competative.

PS. I'd really like to encourage everyone involved to join the sac list.
These super cross posting results in very corrupted subject lines and
drive me crazy.  IMHO webcom should primariliy be consulted for drupal
web site type discussions.  And your (Jason) involvement in sac is
enough to ensure webcom infrastructure needs should be met.

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