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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 15:34:58 EDT 2006

Who is responsible for tasking and managing the Indictrans team?
I assume that one person is responsible for spending the budget and 
being accountable for how the budget is spent?

Robert Bray wrote:
> Frank,
> This sounds great. Our contractor is primarily a sys admin, so content 
> and app development is not his thing. If the guys from Indictrans can 
> migrate content from the OSGeo,org site to Drupal, create the Drupal 
> style templates, and focus on the Membership Application development etc 
> for the main site that would be an excellent complement to the skills we 
> will be bringing to the table through our contract.
> Bob
> Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>> Swapnil Hajare wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>>   I am Swapnil Hajare  from Indictrans (www.indictrans.in 
>>> <http://www.indictrans.in>). I, along with 2 more fellows from 
>>> Indictrans (Kanhaiya and Gupteshwar), will be working on various 
>>> activities of OSGeo with help of you all. This will include website 
>>> development, maintenance, helping sysadmins as well as some other 
>>> general Opensource GIS tasks such as maintenance of GDAL/OGR and 
>>> similar tools. Frank Warmerdam had written a mail to the list about 
>>> this few days ago. We could not start working immedietly because of 
>>> long Diwali vacation here. Now we are back and ready to work.
>>>   As a satrting point, me and others have subscribed to community 
>>> portal of OSeo and sac, webcommitee MLs. Our skillset include php, 
>>> drupal, use of free/opensource   tools such as UMN mapserver, 
>>> postgis, GRASS, chameleon, kamap etc.
>>>   We hope to contribute well and in the process also learn lot of new 
>>> things from you all in future.
>> Swapnil,
>> I've taken the liberty of adding a more meaningful subject line.
>> Over the last week we have had some refinement of the transition plans.
>> Autodesk is looking to contract a system administrator for 3 months to 
>> do the
>> bulk of the transition work, and Bob Bray at Autodesk has agreed to 
>> act as
>> project lead on the transition.
>> The contract sys admin will likely be taking care of the OpenLDAP setup
>> rather than Howard having to do it.  So we will need to consult 
>> actively with
>> Bob and the system administrator before we can deploy the Membership
>> Application and other permissions management stuff I spoke about earlier.
>> I do think it still makes a lot of sense to go ahead with a preliminary
>> design.  We are still planning to use Drupal for the portal, and I assume
>> it will be an evolved form of the current instance.  So arranging 
>> access to
>> that with Tyler would still be good.
>> Bob - please consider the Indictrans team a resource, especially for 
>> technical
>> Drupal work.  On the conference call there was also some discussion of 
>> having
>> the contract system administrator spend some time educating us on how the
>> new system works.  I hope this will include the Indictrans team who I 
>> hope
>> will be an ongoing resource for administering OSGeo infrastructure.
>> Best regards,

Cameron Shorter

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