[SAC] RE: [Webcom] Drupal settings for www.osgeo.org

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Sun Feb 4 13:25:02 EST 2007

On Sun, February 4, 2007 00:06, Jason Birch wrote:
> Arnulf,
> No toes stepped on here.  This is another area that should be under
> control of the most effective party, just like the committee and local
> chapter areas.
> I agree with you that a document management system needs to be set up for
> VisCom, and with most of the suggestions that you have made.  SAC folks,
> is there someone there that can help Arnulf with these requests?  Tyler,
> do you know how to do this?  Also, do we need to somehow separate out the
> project-level Drupal sites so that they don't share files?
> Arnulf it sounds like you have considerably experience with Drupal, while
> many of us are still learning.  I would certainly support SAC granting you
> access to the server to help with this setup... as long as you don't get
> carried away ;-)

I don't think that I am much help on the operative system level. I can
write things down and help organize. For all else that I need to do for
VisCom and translation my WebCom membership is already enough access to
the Drupal web interface. Authorization is managed by roles there,
currently there are:
* admins
* anonymous user
* authenticated user
* gupt (should be deprecated)
* project manager
* translator

Users with role "admins" can check for themselves:

The role defines what a user is allowed to do and what she gets to see.

* "admins" can create (currently local - yuck) users, configure all
modules that are installed, edit all settings and perform all operations.
* "project managers" can create pages and add content but cannot change
the structure, layout and cannot activate or take away modules. All
members of VisCom should have this role for the VisCom "instance", "pages"
or "sections".
* "translators" are somewhat more resticted in creating new items than
project managers are but they can access the translation tools. Both roles
can be combined and then add up.
* "anonymous users" can read pages.
* "authenticated users" can create "own events" (what is that, do we want
that at all?)

On top of that you need a "real" administrator who can actually edit a
physical CSS file, upload patches and this needs shell access. Beyond that
is a lonesome hero who has the power to restart the whole box.

Personalizing things a little I can see hobu watch over the system, Tyler
has "physical access level admin" and can edit files and copy new modules
to the system but falls back on hobu for LDAP connectivity and such.

I have set up the page "OSGeo Portal Site" and will try to maintain it:

For document management I guess that initially it will be enough to have
one or two VisCom pages in Drupal that have links for download. If that is
fine then I will go ahead and prototype such a page.

The documents will then reside on the www.osgeo.org host. If SAC cringes
with every ulpload that is done there then we have to think up something
else. I really like the straight forward fashion in which FreeBSD
addresses these issues. Might be worthwhile for Web and VisCom to browse
their pages for a minute.

I like this slide a lot:
If we have slide up there we never need to bother about people adding
strange content to our docs and odts and can read it without having to
download a document (which should also be there as an add on).

I have continued to develop the Logo page feeling that it was a little too

And our legacy friends from UMN MapServer can unveil some myths:

Commercial support:
http://www.freebsd.org/advocacy/myths.html#support (they need a map though)

And look at this, we don't even have this problem:

Best regards,

> Once we figure out how to get there from here, this should probably go
> into our cool new Trac as a task for either WebCom or SAC.
> http://trac.osgeo.org/trac/osgeo/report/1 <http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/>
> Jason
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> Subject: [Webcom] Drupal settings for www.osgeo.org
> Hi,
> currently all images that are uploaded to the http://www.osgeo.org
> "instance" of Drupal end up in the authenticated user's directory. Due to
> the focus of this site being general and not individual this should be
> changed to a common shared folder.
> Somebody with the required power please create or identify that folder and
> change the corresponding configuration here:
> http://www.osgeo.org/admin/settings/imce
> We are - no, wait - I am still missing a place to upload and manage
> documents, especially all that was produced by VisCom (several dozen
> documents). This section should also be accessible to broader membership
> than just WebCom, at least VisCom must be able to create pages, add files,
> remove files and change names at its own discretion.
> I am trying to not mess up things (not trying to mess up, messing up not
> trying to) and I am not trying to sneak broader access to common folks
> through the back door but specify a specific need by VisCom that should be
> addressed soon. At the same time VisCom needs to come up with a manageable
> way to handle multiple documents.
> Additionally I suggest to modify the list of allowed file types to inlcude
> odt, odp and zip extension.
> Best regards,
> Arnulf.
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Arnulf Christl

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