[SAC] Subversion Wedgification

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Fri Feb 9 03:33:16 EST 2007

sbarnes at dmsolutions.ca wrote:
> Arnulf,
> I can do the switch over at anytime.  What is the best time for you and
> mapbender developers?
> shawn

we have a 24h maintenance slot caused by our ISP provider as of this Friday 4pm local time[1]. From then on throughout the weekend would be fine. I will send a message to dev that SVN will be back up as of Monday morning local time[2], that should give you all the time that you need. 

If this does not work for you, no problem, just let me know.

Thanks a lot and best regards, 



>> Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>>> sbarnes at dmsolutions.ca wrote:
>>>> The process of changing backend is simple.  As Mateusz says it's a
>>>> simple
>>>> dump and reload.  The reason it's in BDB is because of it's maturity
>>>> and
>>>> it's far easier to recover if anything 'bad' happens.  Unfortunetly it
>>>> has
>>>> a locking problem if a checkout is interrupted somehow.  The 1.4.x
>>>> versions of subversion where supposed to fix this locking problem.
>>>> If there is consesus on converting to fsfs i can do the conversion.
>>> Shawn,
>>> Perhaps we could switch over Mapbender which seems to have suffered
>>> fairly frequent problems, and see if things are thereafter stable?
>>> Mapbender folks - willing to be a guinea pig?
>>> Best regards,
>> Hello,
>> Frank Warmerdam asks whether we are happy with them changing SVN from BDB
>> to FSFS. My vote is:
>> +1 to let them do whatever it takes to get SVN stable.
>> Ideally you could switch over during your evening hours then we wont even
>> feel anything. Please someone who is subscribed to mapbender_dev notify
>> this list beforehand.
>> Best regards and thanks for the help,
>> Arnulf.
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