[SAC] Email aliases

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Feb 23 19:00:38 EST 2007

Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> Can someone refresh my memory on our policy for creating email aliases 
> at osgeo.org?  I'm thinking specifically about projects or project 
> leads.  Jeroen, for example, would like one for himself and/or for 
> geonetwork at osgeo.org.  Is this something we want to do?
> It makes sense to me to have a project one that then gets forward to one 
> or more addresses.  Also makes sense to me to have project leads have an 
> address, but defining that might be difficult for some projects and lead 
> to precedent that is hard to keep hold of.  Simplest seems to have one 
> for each project, if desired.


I believe our approach was to create them on an adhoc basis (I presume
just as entries in /etc/aliases) but not to try and offer them for all
members or to promote the idea widely.

I think Jeroen or others wanting one should submit a ticket to SAC in Trac.

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