[SAC] RE: [Webcom] Web site colours changes

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Feb 27 14:39:45 EST 2007

Does anyone have an objection to giving Lorenzo shell / scp access to
the test server and synchronising the content to the main server on
request?  Maybe even setting up a sudo script on the test server that
rsyncs the SpreadFireFox directory from test to live?

Lorenzo, I really like that layour.  Is there any way to get rid of the
little green bars (just skinny men?) between the right menu blocks?


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Jason I have no access to any server...

... but mine!

I've created an html mirror (just the home page) to show how this layout
can work.

the discussion on my level of interaction with osgeo.org server dropped
without solution.

I just need access to the SpreadFireFox dir but, as Tyler said, the two 
servers are not synchronized so I need somebody to copy that folder from

one server to the other.


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