[SAC] Fwd: PEER 1 - Transition into Tivoli Data Backup System

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 8 18:26:30 EST 2007


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> From: PEER 1 Dedicated Hosting Support <donotreply at peer1.com>
> Date: March 7, 2007 9:18:59 AM PST (CA)
> To: tmitchell at osgeo.org
> Subject: IMPORTANT - PEER 1 - Transition into Tivoli Data Backup  
> System
> Reply-To: donotreply at peer1.com
> Dear Valued Customer:
> As we informed you in our email sent to you on February 21st, we  
> will be upgrading your existing Veritas Data Backup service to our  
> new Tivoli Backup system. This note is to inform you that we will  
> be transitioning your server's backups product to the new systems  
> over the next few weeks. Prior to your specific server migration,  
> we will send you a ticket update when we begin the process of  
> upgrading your server. This process should be simple and should not  
> require any effort on your part.
> When we begin the process we will login in to your server using the  
> credentials we may have on record for your server; once we have  
> access to your server we will uninstall the Veritas software and  
> install the Tivoli Storage Manager software. If we do not have  
> credentials, we ask you to provide us with the correct server login  
> information. Once we receive this information we will be able to  
> continue with this product upgrade.
> After we have completed the process we will send you a ticket to  
> confirm the transition has taken place. This product change should  
> not be server impacting and will not require an immediate reboot.  
> For your convenience you will be able to reboot your server  
> yourself at a time that works better for you. Finally, you will  
> receive a Welcome E-mail with more detail information about your  
> new Tivoli Data Backup solution.
> Thank you for your cooperation, if you have any questions please  
> call PEER 1 Dedicated support at 1-877-504-0091 or 1-305-717-6600  
> for international customers. You may also open a ticket at https:// 
> dhsupport.peer1.com
> Thank you for your continued business and support.
> Sincerely,
> Your PEER 1 Dedicated Hosting Team
> www.dedicatedhosting.com
> Please Note: This is an automatically generated e-mail message sent  
> from an unmonitored e-mail box. Any e-mail sent in reply to this  
> message will not be answered. However, if you have additional  
> questions, please contact your PEER 1 Dedicated Hosting Support  
> Team at https://dhsupport.peer1.com.  Thank you.

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