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Gary Sherman sherman at mrcc.com
Sat Mar 10 11:10:47 EST 2007

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I noticed that #telescience is not a registered channel. I'm not sure  
of the history of using this channel for SAC, however the fact that  
it is unregistered means there is no channel op and therefore anybody  
can join and wreak havoc. There has already been one instance of  
defacing the channel topic. With a registered channel we could lock  
it down should the need arise, including controlling who has voice  
and kicking trouble makers.

To register a channel it has to be empty except for one user. I have  
registered #osgeo-sac in the event the committee wants to migrate to  
it. Otherwise, I would suggest getting everybody off #telescience and  
registering it to prevent problems in the future.  It can be  
difficult to get everybody off a channel when you don't have ops,  
because you can't kick anybody, nor can you prevent people from  
joining while you are trying to clear it.

SAC communications are important and having an unregistered and  
uncontrollable channel is a risk.
- -gary

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