[SAC] drupal caching

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Fri Mar 23 12:24:18 EDT 2007

dear SAC,

I asked Dan Karran for advice on drupal page caching to reduce load...
"do you have caching enabled for anonymous users?" is the keyphrase.

i bet this would help a lot with the rude-bot-crawling spikes in load.

----- Forwarded message from Dan Karran <dan at karran.net> -----

Hi Jo,

First off, do you have caching enabled for anonymous users? I think
that should alleviate a lot of the pain.

I don't have much experience with Squid, but we do use it here. We
don't have many public sites (most of our stuff is behind Drupal's
login so there is not much use in caching) so we have it set up to do
balancing between different web servers (it doesn't actually cache
anything) and actually I think it's caused us more pain than benefit
in this configuration.

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