[SAC] drupal caching

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 23 12:53:42 EDT 2007

Yes, caching is currently enabled in Drupal on www.osgeo.org for  
anonymous users.  It has a minimal cache lifespan of 5 minutes, but  
this can be changed.

This is nice because if you are making major changes to the site  
content, it takes 5 minutes before any anonymous users see the  
change.  So it gives a nice buffer while transitioning changes from  
testing/prototype into production.

Authenticated users always bypass the cache.


On 23-Mar-07, at 9:24 AM, Jo Walsh wrote:

> dear SAC,
> I asked Dan Karran for advice on drupal page caching to reduce load...
> "do you have caching enabled for anonymous users?" is the keyphrase.
> http://drupal.org/node/15367
> http://buytaert.net/drupal-webserver-configurations-compared
> i bet this would help a lot with the rude-bot-crawling spikes in load.
> ----- Forwarded message from Dan Karran <dan at karran.net> -----
> Hi Jo,
> First off, do you have caching enabled for anonymous users? I think
> that should alleviate a lot of the pain.
> I don't have much experience with Squid, but we do use it here. We
> don't have many public sites (most of our stuff is behind Drupal's
> login so there is not much use in caching) so we have it set up to do
> balancing between different web servers (it doesn't actually cache
> anything) and actually I think it's caused us more pain than benefit
> in this configuration.
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