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Howard Butler hobu.inc at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 11:03:21 EDT 2008

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> From: Adrian Custer <acuster at gmail.com>
> Date: June 25, 2008 8:46:16 AM CDT
> To: sac-owner at lists.osgeo.org
> Subject: One off posting to the list
> Hello,
> I was trying to reach the SAC and was automatically rejected. Could  
> you
> please forward this through? Thank you,  --adrian
> Hey all,
> Can the osgeo infrastructure serve as a Source Code Management system
> for the currently incubating, soon graduated (we hope), project
> GeoTools?
> We are looking to host our code and evaluating the choices. The code
> base is a 1.6GB svn dump. Can OSGeo host such a thing? Can OSGeo host
> both/either svn and mercurial? Who is doing the work to keep the svn/ 
> hg
> services running and under what constraints? How well have services  
> been
> running so far?
> In other words, where can I find more info on the services and status
> and how, if we decide to move our code to OSGeo, do we ask for
> permission and do the work for the move?
> Pointers, help, advice and comments all appreciated,
> thanks,
>   adrian
> P.S. Please respond directly to me since I am not on your  
> administration
> list. Thank you.


SAC currently maintains only subversion for the projects, and  
importing your dump file would not be a problem.  As far as Mercurial,  
I don't think we have a technical problem with doing that, although we  
would probably need an administrator with familiarity with it to step  
forward.  I personally think hg would provide a nice alternative to  
the more rigid svn and we as SAC should explore implementing it.

As far as service availability, we're definitely not a five 9's-type  
operation, but because it is such an important piece of infrastructure  
for the projects, the motivation to keep things alive and going is  
quite strong.  This has meant issues are quickly identified and dealt   
with when they do come up.  SAC is an entirely volunteer operation,  
however, so if you as a project want something special or you want  
more assurance of protecting availability, volunteering to help out on  
SAC is the way to do it.

Any OSGeo project that is in incubation (or graduated) can request  
services from SAC.  File a ticket in the SAC component of the OSGeo  
Trac instance (http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo). Again, because SAC is  
volunteer, they are what you make it.  Some projects are more active  
in SAC than others, with a few just using SVN/Trac/Mailman (which  
doesn't have too much administrative load) and others participating as  
active members of SAC to build up the infrastructure they need.


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