[SAC] DVCS support

Howard Butler hobu.inc at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 11:59:54 EDT 2009


After having received tacit approval from the Board to implement  
infrastructure for libspatialindex,  I would like to explore what  
variant of distributed version control system SAC would like to  
support.  Because it is such a low-key project, I think a DVCS would  
be a good fit for libspatialindex.  There's no committee, a couple of  
rather inactive main contributors, and frequent one-off patches that  
tend to show up to fix this or that or add new features here and there.

I think that the DVCS we choose must support Trac.  I don't wish at  
all to revisit our bug tracking software.  My investigation shows both  
Mercurial and git Trac plugins support our existing ( version  
of Trac.  Versions of these plugins also exist to support newer  
versions of Trac (0.11+), so we will have some upgrade room.

Are there any other contenders besides hg and git?

For the sociological/project aspects, the Python community has a great  
document describing DVCS workflow and their decisions and choices.  <http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0374/ 

As with subversion, I'm willing to be the point guy on this, but I  
want us to only provide one.  For folks with experience with DVCS's,  
which fits with how OSGeo operates, and which should we advertise to  
our member projects (or project wards like libspatialindex) as  


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