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Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Tue Jul 28 11:15:23 EDT 2009

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Mateusz Loskot schrieb:
> Howard Butler wrote:
>> All,
>> After having received tacit approval from the Board to implement
>> infrastructure for libspatialindex,  I would like to explore what
>> variant of distributed version control system SAC would like to support.
> Good idea!
>> Are there any other contenders besides hg and git?
> I was investigating DVCS myself some time ago,
> together with SOCI (soci.sf.net) team and the conclusion was that
> these two are the only mature, efficient, robust and well-supported
> tools available.
> There is plenty ofcomparisons and reviews of DVCS' on Web and blogs
> and most of the ones I've seen are focused on Mercurial and git.
> It seems to be indicative.
> Best regards,

Thanks, that is a good link to get a gist of what drives the decision.

I would suggest to go for Mercurial. This is not motivated by any
technical understanding but the fact that with GeoToolkit we have a
OSGeo friendly project that is already using it.

Best regards,

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