[SAC] Migration update

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Thu Apr 29 13:46:30 EDT 2010

I'm just trying to catch up on where our infrastructure migration might 
be at and get the conversation going again.

I've been looking at:

I see we've got a few names listed and just thought I'd write to see
if we've made much progress.  Also, here are a few question marks in 
case someone is able to help with that part.

wiki: Martin
ldap: Howard, Martin
web: Wolf - we need to determine the VM resource requirements for our 
various drupal sites
trac: ?

backup: Martin, all in place?
qgis: Gary, Macho; has their team been notified or started on VM?
webextra: ?
projects: ? need to determine resources?

Any comments?


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