[SAC] Server Planning

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Sun Feb 7 23:43:30 EST 2010

To follow-up on Martin's questions I though it might be best to start a
new thread. The question was, what is going on which server?

Now that it looks like we've got the hardware part take care of the next
step will be to plan out the usage of the servers and the deployment
plan for them.

I'll toss out my rough idea of one way to implement but leave it
completely open for discussion (Probably start a wiki page) and suggest
that SAC members at the NY sprint in a couple of weeks spend some time
working out the details.

This is a summary of the Ideas sheet in that google doc.
NewServer1(Smaller discs, faster seek, faster write)
3-4 Virtual Machines
Trac/SVN, Websites(Drupal, Mediawiki, Joomla etc),MySQL

NewServer2(Bigger discs, slower seek, slower write)
3-4 Virtual Machines
Downloads, Local Backup, Mail/Lists, LDAP

Download mirror, Offsite Backup, Lower load project websites, Buildbots

If anyone has a good suggestion for what to name a new wiki page, or
which existing page to put this on let me know and we can start
collecting alternatives there.


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