[SAC] Server Planning

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Feb 8 10:16:40 EST 2010

Alex Mandel wrote:
> This is a summary of the Ideas sheet in that google doc.
> NewServer1(Smaller discs, faster seek, faster write)
> 3-4 Virtual Machines
> Trac/SVN, Websites(Drupal, Mediawiki, Joomla etc),MySQL


I assume Trac/SVN would be one VM right?  Were you suggesting there
would be a mysql VM and that Drual, Mediawiki and Joomla would
all go in one VM?

The Joomla would be for qgis, right?  I think I'd prefer a
"qgis" VM that would have their joomla instance, and also any
other specialized services that project would like to establish.
We might use a similar technique for GRASS which has a few services
I think.

A per-project VM for projects that have more involved needs gives
them lots of control and autonomy.  Essentially we host the VM and
what they do with it is pretty much up to them.  Likewise we (SAC)
would not provide much in the way on "on VM" system administration.

I trust moving VMs from one of the servers to the other will be quite
easy, so I don't think we need to stress too much about what goes

> NewServer2(Bigger discs, slower seek, slower write)
> 3-4 Virtual Machines
> Downloads, Local Backup, Mail/Lists, LDAP
> Telescience
> Download mirror, Offsite Backup, Lower load project websites, Buildbots

I am in no rush to move the download site, though we should use NewServer2
for mirroring the download server (a role now played by osgeo2).

I would also suggest the names "osl1" and "osl2" as our working names for
the new servers.

> If anyone has a good suggestion for what to name a new wiki page, or
> which existing page to put this on let me know and we can start
> collecting alternatives there.

I would suggest a page linked off the SAC wiki named "OSL Transition Plan"
or something similar.

In terms of priority, I'd like to see Trac+SVN done with high priority.
I'd also like to migrate any of the services on the peer1 osgeo2 server
fairly soon so we can decommission that server.  I'm sick of paying for it!
Mostly it provides: mediawiki and various backup-dump-zone services for osgeo1
and download.osgeo.org.

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