[SAC] Server Planning

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Feb 8 13:35:22 EST 2010

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Alex Mandel wrote:
>> This is a summary of the Ideas sheet in that google doc.
>> NewServer1(Smaller discs, faster seek, faster write)
>> 3-4 Virtual Machines
>> Trac/SVN, Websites(Drupal, Mediawiki, Joomla etc),MySQL
> Alex,
> I assume Trac/SVN would be one VM right?  Were you suggesting there
> would be a mysql VM and that Drual, Mediawiki and Joomla would
> all go in one VM?
> The Joomla would be for qgis, right?  I think I'd prefer a
> "qgis" VM that would have their joomla instance, and also any
> other specialized services that project would like to establish.
> We might use a similar technique for GRASS which has a few services
> I think.
> A per-project VM for projects that have more involved needs gives
> them lots of control and autonomy.  Essentially we host the VM and
> what they do with it is pretty much up to them.  Likewise we (SAC)
> would not provide much in the way on "on VM" system administration.
> I trust moving VMs from one of the servers to the other will be quite
> easy, so I don't think we need to stress too much about what goes
> where.
>> NewServer2(Bigger discs, slower seek, slower write)
>> 3-4 Virtual Machines
>> Downloads, Local Backup, Mail/Lists, LDAP
>> Telescience
>> Download mirror, Offsite Backup, Lower load project websites, Buildbots
> I am in no rush to move the download site, though we should use NewServer2
> for mirroring the download server (a role now played by osgeo2).
> I would also suggest the names "osl1" and "osl2" as our working names for
> the new servers.
>> If anyone has a good suggestion for what to name a new wiki page, or
>> which existing page to put this on let me know and we can start
>> collecting alternatives there.
> I would suggest a page linked off the SAC wiki named "OSL Transition Plan"
> or something similar.
> In terms of priority, I'd like to see Trac+SVN done with high priority.
> I'd also like to migrate any of the services on the peer1 osgeo2 server
> fairly soon so we can decommission that server.  I'm sick of paying for it!
> Mostly it provides: mediawiki and various backup-dump-zone services for
> osgeo1
> and download.osgeo.org.
> Best regards,

Great suggestions,

I think the VM story comes down to do we want a few or many. For project
autonomy many might be good but it might be resource inefficient with a
database running in each one.

Ad for the Download server, those of us on the LiveDemo project would
really appreciate being able to have files larger than 2 GB on the
server. Maybe that means shuffling things around so the blades OS can be
upgraded one at a time.

I'll get started on the new wiki page today.


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