[SAC] Time to move wiki logins to OSGeo Ids?

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Mar 27 23:54:45 EDT 2012


It seems the time has finally come that we should move wiki login over
to OSGeo Ids:
1. To cut down on spam (eliminating all spam accounts in one swoop and
making it harder to start a new one)
2. Single Sign On is one of the benefits that isn't really be achieved
right now, and for me is an important part of intra-project collaboration.
3. The only outstanding issue is what to do with old usernames that
don't match osgeo names.

I think we should just put up a warning for about a week saying we're
switching and provide the information on how to get an osgeo id if you
don't have one. If trivial, dual logins for that time period would be
nice but not necessary. We should document this all on a wiki page so
users who come back and wonder what happened to their old logins/user
pages have an answer. Keep in mind old pages will still be around so we
can always engineer some solution to map or move user pages/history down
the line (Anyone who has time is welcome to try to come up with a solution).

Martin, What schedule works for you to do the magic?

Anyone have any major issues that would delay this action?


PS: Next big thing is upgrade of trac, which will support multi-repos
and git. We have the test server available, volunteers welcome.

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