[SAC] Mailing lists backlog

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Mon Sep 10 06:55:57 PDT 2012


I came across this: https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/ticket/939#comment:2 
which refers to several tickets requesting new mailing lists that have 
not been addressed in several weeks. (and there may be more, I didn't check)

Is there a reason why those are blocked or did those tickets just fall 
in a black hole? It would be kind to have someone respond to them to 
explain the long wait or tell them why the request cannot be addressed. 
Maybe SAC needs a mailing list champion, in charge of responding 
promptly to all such requests, if there is not already one?

Daniel Morissette
Provider of Professional MapServer Support since 2000

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