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#1369: Register osgeo.org.ua
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Comment(by wildintellect):

 I don't think there is an official policy. Though generally I think your
 approach of asking is correct.

 I have reservations, only that org.ua is unlikely to be an available
 domain? At least in my understanding of the DNS system. Looking at
 http://org.ua  (Via google translate) it does appear to be a valid request
 to register a subdomain under that.

 We can easily configure ua.osgeo.org or ukraine.osgeo.org with no added
 cost. If you want to register a new domain then osgeo.ua seems the likely
 candidate. If you want osgeo.org.ua I think that might be handled by your
 chapter as it appears that one must register via org.ua website or another
 Ukraine based registrar. Since no on SAC speaks Ukrainian it might be
 technically best for you to handle it.

 Now that I read the original request I do have another objection,
 assigning the either osgeo.ua or osgeo.org.ua to a single lab seems out of
 line unless there are plans to share it with other labs that may join
 later or local chapters that may form out of it. Is this request for a
 single lab?

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