[SAC] Nextcloud setup

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Sun Dec 23 13:35:28 PST 2018

I've finally got nextcloud set up on the osgeo7 box.  There are still some
tweaks I need to do.

I set groups but it seemed it only created them in nextcloud and I still see
the whole directory of people.

I was unsuccessful filtering by ldap groups (so I think), but I think that
might be a limitation of our ldap setup which we can fix when we get around
to upgrading our ldap.
I had added sac, mapbender, geos, postgis to the LDAP group filter but it
still ended up pulling the whole directory.

At any rate group shares can be set up within nextcloud so only users of
your group can see files you share.
I created a nextcloud group called "board" and added all the board members I
could find in ldap to it.

In meantime, can all of you try logging in.


using your OSGeo username and password.

Report back to me if you have issues.

Vicky - I gave you admin access so you should be able to configure things


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