[SAC] Nextcloud setup

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Sun Dec 23 13:49:44 PST 2018

One more note.


I installed Group folder plugin and created a folder called "Board"  that
only nextcloud board group members have access to.


I also created one for Admin and set it just to be read/write/editable by
admin group.  So when I log in I see the Admin folder (I added
wildintellect, strk, TemptorSent and cvvergara to this group so they should
all see the below)


Board members should see a folder called Board instead. Vicky should see
both folders.






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> Subject: Nextcloud setup


> I've finally got nextcloud set up on the osgeo7 box.  There are still some

> tweaks I need to do.


> I set groups but it seemed it only created them in nextcloud and I still
see the

> whole directory of people.


> I was unsuccessful filtering by ldap groups (so I think), but I think that

> be a limitation of our ldap setup which we can fix when we get around to

> upgrading our ldap.

> I had added sac, mapbender, geos, postgis to the LDAP group filter but it

> ended up pulling the whole directory.


> At any rate group shares can be set up within nextcloud so only users of

> group can see files you share.

> I created a nextcloud group called "board" and added all the board members

> could find in ldap to it.


> In meantime, can all of you try logging in.


>  <https://nextcloud.osgeo.org> https://nextcloud.osgeo.org


> using your OSGeo username and password.


> Report back to me if you have issues.


> Vicky - I gave you admin access so you should be able to configure things

> more.


> Thanks,

> Regina



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