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#2231: OSGeo7 Setting up backup
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 We'll need to start setting up some sort of backup for OSGeo7.

 There are 2 kinds of backups

 1) Would be backup of key files on each container and system
 2) Image snapshots

 Doing image snapshots is surprisingly fast in lxd, but publishing as an
 image takes much longer and the tarball when you export can be big as the
 containers get bigger.

 I think you can create a new container from an lxd snapshot even on
 another server, but I haven't explored that.

 For the nextcloud setup I created the nextcloud server on my own local
 Ubuntu 18.04 lxd server, exported it as a tarball and restored it onto
 osgeo7.  This I did just to confirm it does work.

 So steps were:

 lxc snapshot nextcloud-ubuntu nextcloud-ubuntu-20181223 #take a snapshot
 lxc publish nextcloud-ubuntu/nextcloud-ubuntu-20181223 --alias nextcloud-
 ubuntu #publish as an image named nextcloud-ubuntu

 #confirm got added to images list
 lxc image list

 #export as a tar ball named nextcloud-ubuntu-20181223.tar.gz
 lxc image export nextcloud-ubuntu nextcloud-ubuntu-20181223

 I figure maybe we can do a tar export once a month and a snapshot once a
 I'm not sure how much space snapshots take as given how quickly it created
 them I assume it must be some sort of diff.

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