[SAC] KVM / LVM / libvrt/ ganeti and all that

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Thu Jan 4 21:55:02 PST 2018

Thinking about this with the mindset of the New Website.

If I setup a KVM image for new website, that we test (we'll use for our
temporary staging) , basically trying to follow these instructions?


Would it be possible to then take that image and host it on OSUOSL when we
are comfortable everything works.  We'd create two versions, one for
production and one for staging.

I think that would expedite things since in theory
I could have the KVM image ready to go as soon as our new hardware is in

This would be instead of just building a virtualbox VM as I had originally
planned to test out any issues under PHP7/MariaDb

I assume such an image could work under libvrt or ganeti.  Any special
considerations I should be aware of?


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