[SAC] Virtualization for our new Hardware and Hardware specs

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Thu Jan 4 22:09:36 PST 2018

I'd like to start the discussion about the new proposed hardware so we can
move quickly.  We've got a lot of old VMS and such and new things we want to
do that are dying for the new hardware. Case in point trac is old, svn is
old and the SSL support is behind the times we'll eventually run into issues
with newer browsers and software.

Alex said if we go with Ganeti, we'd need two servers, which would mean we
have 2 small servers that are identical.

If we go with libvrt, we won't have failover, but we'll have a setup that's
easier to understand and we have more control over. We can also do with one
big server.
I presume later when we get everything off of osgeo3, we could reformat that
to have another libvrt to shuffle the images between.

Since libvrt and Ganeti use the same virtualization, we can migrate existing
Ganeti hosts unto libvrt.

There was discussion about use of Docker as well.  But we already have
OSGeo6 I think Martin Spott said he was going to be setting up Docker images

That said, I really like the self-containedness that a true VM offers and
feel we need it in our mix.  Docker is okay, but I don't see it meeting all
our needs especially for non-ephemeral stuff. 
Am I missing anything in these arguments?

Given all I've heard I'm a +1 for libvrt that Alex proposed.

I'll in fact start experimenting with it and once I am done with my
experimenting willing to support it.


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