[SAC] KVM / LVM / libvrt/ ganeti and all that

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Sat Jan 6 06:40:55 PST 2018

> I'm find requesting a VM from OSUOSL same specs as the current staging server if you want it?

> Thanks,
> Alex

Let's do that.  

I think this discussion as it's going about what virtualization to use is going to go on forever
and I fear we'll never order new hardware as each person offers their rocket science flavor of the year.

In meantime I'll finish with my experimentation of PHP7/wordpress on the Debian 9.3 box 
I just setup and resetup with our current wordpress backups.

If I get done this weekend (I'm hoping today)  I'll ask for a staging2.www.osgeo.org so those interested can test the site on PHP 7  and MariaDB


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