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#2084: charter members wiki
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Comment (by jive):

 As noted that is a historical page - the last section is the only
 "charter" members:

 Original voting members admitted February 4, 2006 at OSGeo organizational
 meeting in Chicago:

 Allan Doyle
 Arnulf Christl (*)
 Bob Bray
 Chris Holmes (*)
 Claude Philipona
 Dave McIlhagga
 Frank Warmerdam (**)
 Gary Lang (*)
 Howard Butler
 Ian Turton
 Jon Scarbrough
 Mark Lucas
 Markus Neteler (*)
 Michael Gerlek
 Paul Ramsey
 Pericles Nacionales
 Rich Steele
 Schuyler Erle
 Steve Lime
 Tom Burk
 Tyler Mitchell

 So lets set up that page with:

 * voting members list
 * charter members (the historical content noted above)

 I cannot tell if we were too lazy to rename "charter members" to "voting
 members" when deciding to add people through nomination, or if we were
 trying to avoid hurting people's feelings....

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