[SAC] [OSGeo] #2475: OSGeo mail server on DNS blocklist

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Wed Dec 9 13:00:05 PST 2020

#2475: OSGeo mail server on DNS blocklist
 Reporter:  Jeff McKenna           |       Owner:  jsanz
     Type:  task                   |      Status:  new
 Priority:  critical               |   Milestone:  Unplanned
Component:  Mails & Mailing Lists  |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  mailman                |

Comment (by gdt):

 (The DMARC stuff really should be a new ticket, as its a separate issue.)

 The way DKIM works is that senders apply a signature and receivers can
 then say "was this email signed by the originating domain".

 DMARC adds a policy "if it's From: this domain and DKIM validation
 fails, reject it".

 Mailman, when configured to add things like "[tiff]" to the subject
 line, and things at the end, modifies the message in such a way that the
 dkim signature no longer validates.  (gnupg signatures are also

 So if you turn off subject tags, and turn off footers, then there is no
 need to work around dmarc because the message when it arrives will pass
 validation.  Neither of these things is necessary because the
 information about which list is in the List-Id header and unsubscribe
 etc. is also in headers.

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