[SAC] [OSGeo] #2445: Issue with Maven OSGEO (repo.osgeo.org) - no remote packages available

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#2445: Issue with Maven OSGEO (repo.osgeo.org) - no remote packages available
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Comment (by jive):

 Only the things we asked for replicated from boundless; they had lots of
 their own open source projects (non osgeo) which we did not take.

 I am a bit confused about this thread, while I believe that artifactory
 has some secret api to communicate maven index - we have setup a task to
 refresh and publish this api. But have no way of testing if it is working
 or not ...

 The browse links, and searching in the user interface, are fine for
 checking the contents visually. The actual maven build tool is finding
 everything it needs just fine. It is this "repository index" api which a
 downstream nexus is trying to make use of ....

 meedel do you have any documentation on what needs to be done? I have set
 up two tasks as shown in the attachments. They both seem to be running ...

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